I need to listen to these women, and give them and give them a voice from Zambia, for help, is the world demand a safer place for mothers at birth, said the UNFPA goodwill Ambassador. Every mother who dies in childbirth, Every mother who leave behind orphan. Every mother who dies, a death in our family, no matter where it happens in the world to live in is. .

The report examines the problems promptly consumer disenroll and identifies the most common reasons for disenrollment: Problems accessing providers, misinformation and marketing abuses and denials of coverage for medical benefits. – The report makes two primary reform proposals:.Is difficult to update concerning the safety of TamifluAn potential influenza pandemic stays moment of great public concern and the European Medicines Agency wants to give the following update on Tamiflu . Tamiflu is an antiviral in the EU for the the treatment of influenza among children permitted one to thirteen years of and for Disease Prevention and treatment of influenza in adults and youth over 13 years of. Two cases alleged commit suicide at which treatment of the influenza , have been report to the EMEA. In both cases, the youths are showed abnormal / behavioral problems, which led to their death.

All adverse reactions monitoring and evaluated by the Agency scientific committee, the Committee for Human Medicinal Products on a continual basis.