The Health Protection Agency ‘s Centre for Infections has also shared the first UK isolate of the virus with other scientific institutions? This breakthrough is the first step in developing an effective swine flu vaccine. The other scientific institutions include the Health Protection Agency? S Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response at Porton Down, the National Institute for Medical Research, and the Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

We need to know how our immune system when exposed to the virus, if we want to find an effective vaccine respond. To that that is shared this research possible. ‘We will continue to learn more and more every day about swine flu , the pure sample of the virus that we isolated, together with their genetic fingerprint can be important resources as scientific organizations work together to develop an effective vaccine. ‘The rapid assessment of this virus ultimately help future decisions regarding the health effects of the swine flu ‘make said Professor Maria Zambon, director of the Health Protection Agency Centre for infections. ‘.Barnes Explained HIV / AIDS policy: Melody Barnes, manager of White House Domestic policy Council, discusses the Obama administration Last national strategy to HIV / AIDS prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the U.S. Barnes improvement of, President meets the presidential campaign promises to better coordinate HIV / AIDS program and ensure that access to healthcare access to health care (Mitchell, ‘Andrea Mitchell report ‘.