It shows such tools often detect brain abnormalities that caused predict predict seizure recurrence. The guide is 20th in the November 2007 issue of neurologists, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology published. Since an seizure is a frightening, traumatic event with serious potential consequences, such as loss of driving privileges is, restrictions on the employment and injury, information about optimal, evidence-based approaches for the treatment of people with a seizure is important the guideline author Allan Krumholz, a neurologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.. Employees in the study include lead author Alyson Wilbanks, Margaret Kirby, Larry Barak , and Yin – Xiong LiNew policy for how a person First Unprovoked Seizure Treatshould developing A Guide through the American Academy of Neurology routine electroencephalogram and brain scans be considered when diagnosing and treating adults who unprovoked their first accumulating experience.

The guideline also recommends CT or MRI scans of the brain are considered regular, as the scans clearly abnormal in one of the 10 patients, indicate the cause of their coming to power. ‘A CT scan or MRI may lead to diagnosis of disorders such as a brain tumor, stroke, infection, or other structural lesions and help determine a person’s risk for a second seizure,’said Krumholz.The chip can thus be used to find out or check the quality of substances, is in many contexts, say SINTEF explorer Odd Lovhaugen.The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in the Nordic, are based Trondheim.

In 1999, Norway spent total of NOK EUR 20 billion for R & D, one of which public sector recorded for approximately NOK 8 allocation To In 2003, the Research Council of Norway is with a budget of NOK 4.4 billion euros.. Council of Norway PO Box 2700, Hans Haugen, north-0131 in Oslo,About THE Research Council of NorwayThe Research Council of Norway has an important role in developing and implementation of of the country ” s national research strategy. It acts like this:* an intergovernmental advisors, determine the current and future challenges of know and research;* a promotion agency independent research Programmes and projects, strategy programs at research institutes and Norwegian participation in international research programs;* a coordinator initiating network and promoting cooperation between R and GB institutions, government departments, business and industry, governments and enterprises, other sources of financing, and users of research.