The PROTECT study is a prospective, multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the safety of Emboshield to examine each – a embolic protection device extend combination to help with stenting, the blocked artery and capture any plaque that may crowd during the process can be used, the device Abbott Vascular Abbott Vascular, which also funded the research before the results were peer-reviewed. The publication order here .

These results are in line with trends in other studies, in which we see complications are treated for patients with stents and embolic protection devices, says says This is very good news for high-risk patients with disease of the carotid artery, which only a decade ago had limited treatment options and poor long-term results. .

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– increase the number for cancer patients participating in studies in England twice the in the U.S.

– The Mental Health Research Network was founded in January 2003. From Coordinating Centre managed by a partnership between the Institute of Psychiatrie und Manchester University, guided by Director of, Professor eradication Wykes.