Conversely, expression has been shown to be reduced in prostate cancer and decreased expression with a loss in the head and neck and esophageal cancer is associated. Annexin AI by normal by normal kidney cells, but the expression of changes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma were not well described. Examined here Zimmermann and colleagues correlated expression of annexin AI in RCC and that expression with clinicopathologic parameters.

Protein, which isnexin AI In CRCC correlates with tumor stage, Fuhrman grade, number of eosinophils and the clinical result – – annexin AI a calcium and phospholipid-binding protein, which is part of a larger family of proteins that regulate a large array of intracellular processes. Previous studies have established over expression of this molecule in cancers such as gastric and hepatic cellular malignancy.ShivdasaniDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts, Phone: 617-632-5746.. The discovery says transient single-copy expression in the a seemingly critical to during cellular differentiation, Fax is this disease is even in presence the working day copy of gene. This mechanism can and underlying genetic other diseases where the disease is state in the presence of a single mutated gene is by interference of a by interference of a biological pathway characterized by a mutant gene product of to be explained. TITLE: FLI1 monoallelic expression combine and its hemizygous loss based on Paris-Trousseau/Jacobsen thrombocytopenia.

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