WNV affects mainly birds – but can also infect other animals, including horses, bats, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. People can also be infected.The majority of infected people often experience no signs or symptoms, while some may rash and headache rash and headache. A small %age of infected persons may develop a life-threatening disease, encephalitis , myelitis , or meningitis may include . Experts say approximately 1 percent of infected idividuals develop these serious complications. Those with the highest risk for severe illness are the elderly and those with lowered immune system.

The information accreditation system will combat substantial differences in the quality of health knowledge social care information and knowledge provide a way for the public and professionals that the information they are using is reliable.Krishnan and UCI neurologist Dr. Mark Fisher, currently prevalence of the left atrial sachet in patients who already had strokes. This finding points indicates a potentially significant cause of stroke, said Fisher. The presence this pouch might change such neurologists handle these patients and lead to new therapeutic strategy to avoid of stroke.

On 80 per cent of of the the 700,000 – card strokes that appear annually in the U.S. Are due to blood clots locking one artery in the brain into. In up to one third of these cases, the clot is not be of origin are determined study co-author Dr. Subramaniam Krishnan, discovering this atrial pouch said, would provide answers and inform neurologists to prevent effort stroking recurrent.