This is all the more important, the implications of this study on patients, say the authors previously previously been filmed with rofecoxib on the other anti-inflammatory drugs in greater numbers. And suggests that the most important results for ibuprofen, diclofenac and rofecoxib, say the authors. With respect to the ‘numbers needed to harm ‘in the over-65s, for those of diclofenac, was an additional patient for every 521 patients who suffer a first-time heart attack likely. For rofecoxib were a patient for all 695 patients, and for ibuprofen one patient for every 1005 patients was at risk. – ‘The high prevalence of the use of these drugs in elderly people and the increased risk of myocardial infarction[ heart attack] with age, which requires a relatively large number of patients to could damage a major impact on public health have given,’say the authors..

The nature of this report – an observational study – is it susceptible to other explanations for the findings, the authors say. About a about a review of the cardiovascular safety of all NSAIDs insure exist, ‘they conclude.The 78 the new fellowships conveyed this year over a full spectrum of cancer research, to bring the Company’s a total investment in R, in the order $ 47,000 the 2007th ‘Through the generosity of the Canadians we were able some of the best Research on Cancer must be financed the world,’says Dr. Barbara Whylie, Chief Executive of Canadian Cancer Association. ‘This research is to save lives, and we will are grateful for our donors and our volunteers ensure that we continue real progress for cancer. ‘.