Study methods and main resultsThe researchers measured dopamine D2 receptor levels in adolescent and young adult genetically obese Zucker rats and lean rats. Between measures, half of the rats in each group was given free access to food, while the other half were 70 % of the average daily amount of food eaten by the full group given.

The scientists measured D2 receptor levels using two different techniques: micro-positron emission tomography in live animals, which uses a radiolabeled molecule the brain competes natural dopamine D2 receptor binding sites and autoradiography, which uses a tracer that natural dopamine natural dopamine, in obesity. Only in tissue samples than in live animals. Together, these two methods form show the absolute number of D2 receptors found in brain and how many are free or in the day-to – day function , which might be relevant to further elucidating the role of dopamine in obesity.In the most elegant trial design , including a model of lasers induced thrombosis of in vivo in rats, bleeding time and of prostanoids dosage cancer and research has been done of Doctors & Dentists from Labor of Hematology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of from the University of Bordeaux 2, France Laboratoires Boiron and said CEBBAD, University Maimonides, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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