Mutations in the region of chromosome 3p21 3 are approximately 90 % lower lung cancer, more than 50 % of the non-small cell lung cancer, and found in kidney, pancreas, mouth and uterine cancers. 3p21 3p21 region of the genome are the earliest genetic anomaly is currently detected in lung cancer, suggesting that one or more act of these genes could be used as ‘gatekeeper’preventing cells to cancer cells.

Other genes in the genomic hotspot appear the control of the control of tumor progression and may function as therapeutic genes and prognostic biomarker.. NPRL2 was from the International Lung Cancer chromosome 3p21.3 tumor Suppressor gene Consortium including researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the National Cancer Institute has been identified. The gene was identified within a NPRL2 called genomic hotspot of cancer mutations in the region of the third human chromosome 3p21. This region is often deleted or mutated in an early stage lung cancer. Introgen previously announced suggesting identifies the exclusive worldwide license acquired for a family of at least 10 anti-cancer genes from the consortium NRPL2 and FUS1.Contact using this forward-looking statements should, the company assumes no obligation to update these statements in for revision or change in accordance with the date of this release.. Safe HarborThis news release contains forward looking statements , usually with a of the words believe , estimate , anticipate , expect or similar terms may. Forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties that results may be materially results to differ materially from to forward-looking statements. Factors forward-looking statements help to was , those differences include, but not limited to, uncertainty in the transition from idea to product participated, finances itself through uncertainties to of the ability of the company Research & Development, potential challenges or personal injury patents, uncertainty restricted the results by clinical studies, the Company’s ability to make the necessary regulatory approvals, depending on third-party vendors and any other risks which into in the filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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