Abstract 573: The renal pelvis had pressure changes that have been correlated to the rate of bladder filling. This means that there was more than an anatomical issue at the ureteral insertion. The mechanism appears to be driven more than ureter bladder.

Summary 576: The same precedence as in Abstract 575, but between Deflux and Coaptite. And the winner is?577 Summary: Although the success rate of Deflux high in the initial phase after the injection VCUG, there is a significant failure rate after one year. Interestingly, this insure further follow-up success rates.Reference: Sang LX, Chang B., Zhang WL, Jiang M. Diffuse reflection induction and maintenance effect of priobiotics on ulcerative colitis: a meta-analysis.

Meta analysis and placebo – Which therapy is working in the maintenance remission of colitis colitis with?

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