FDA regarding the regulatory framework and strategy for the phase III study. – The FDA the proposed development the planned development of HalcyGen a ‘half-dose ‘form of itraconazole and demanded that the company is leading a phase III clinical trial to demonstrate the safety / enhanced security HalcyGen formulation compared to the aligned commit itraconazole Sporanox brand*. HalcyGen CEO Roger Aston said: ‘The Company is following following from the FDA, the clinical requirements for the upcoming Phase III trial – Secure is much better and we would be a significant commercial advantage over Sporanox When our half.

* Sporanox from Janssen Pharmaceutical Products LP is part of the Johnson & Johnson company. Background to HalcyGenHalcyGen to bridge the gap was between long – pharmaceutical companies and high volume generics companies through the development and licensing of newly founded improved proprietary generic formulations as Super Generics or High Functionality Generics known HalcyGen strategy is the value to the development and commercialization of new improved varieties of related existing proprietary drug benefit known as Super .We want for purchasing medicines on the Internet Services, UK – arrived a warning that patients about the dangers of buying prescription drugs via the Internet by British Medical Association . The association wants. With government and World Health Organization Internet marketing of drugs, whom are working from some fake and potentially harmful inspection Hamish Meldrum, chairman of BMA Council, said that the doctors organizational will be to approximate the United Kingdom Government in order to encourage them to conduct international action to dealing with this question.

One of the difficulties to self – prescribing be that males not diagnosed on the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and treated For some patients, commented Dr. Meldrum, Sildenafil Citrate would be inappropriate and dangerous. There are two problems with , you name of name which drug, you may ever an inactive substance or at worst a dangerous substance A. The appropriate consultation with a doctor is necessary.