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– Future challenges include determining how these findings can be applied more widely in other low-income settings to upgrade and expand existing HIV testing.. In this issue of PLoS Medicine, Nitika Pant Pai and colleagues evaluated such a program, conducted in a rural hospital in Maharashtra State, the researchers found that most women are not present in the work already know Under the program,, but the vast majority of HIV tests taken in the maternity ward. Under the program, women were enrolled, received counseling, their test scores and recommendation for the treatment interventions . Within 40-60 minutes As a result of the program , 15 women found that people infected with HIV, of which 11 were newly diagnosed at the point of care.Khavari, which one member of the Stanford Cancer Center and Bio-X , is the lead author the research, which are published in the June issue of Cancer Cell. It is also the clinical leader of the Dermatology Service at the Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto Healthcare System.