As nuns lead a sexually conservative lifestyle, they are less likely to get pregnant and no prospective spouse, if the abortion can be an especially attractive option. In addition, religious women are more likely to marry when they become pregnant. – Religious Influences on settings are much more powerful than religious influences on behavior, the authors note. While religion is the main reason for the differences in abortion attitudes, religion reason for reason for differences in abortion behavior. .

The researchers believe that this is the first study to report such activities. Their report states: ‘This approach can be used as a general surface modification process for the development of polymer surfaces with antimicrobial properties, ‘.Browse document were donated by people with HIV / AIDS. Some of government and agency documents were scheduled are destroyed, J by employees by employees. Other documentation by physicians by physicians who are treated early HIV / AIDS patients.. People living with HIV Add Of Los Angeles, San Francisco Catalogue HIV / AIDS materials.

The documents include authorities of paperwork responding to HIV / AIDS, safe sex pamphlets, magazines relating to persons with HIV / AIDS focused and diaries and letters by HIV-positive people, as well that by people that died AIDS reasons or the affected by the illness.

According to scholars, which collections – together with similar in New York San Francisco – be of inestimable value for researcher. Richard McKay, a doctoral student in history at University of Oxford , which recently assessed that document. A great difficulty in the of Medical History that records are usually left by the practitioners, said McKay , adding that it is often very difficult for researchers to the voice of of the patient. He added. Such archives do a lot of to, to a larger extent than others (Gordon, Los Angeles Times.