Tea and mushrooms with adverse effectsAlmost half of all cancer patients in Norway resort to herbal remedies to strengthen their health. As many as 70 % to less than herbal remedies to boost their immune to admit, and hope the majority, for a better quality of life. No one told them that herbs could weaken the effect of anticancer drugs. Most of them put their faith in garlic and green tea. Noni juice is also very popular. Although, none of the patients say not noticed any not noticed any adverse effects of herbal products, researchers have discovered increase the effect of some cancer drugs and the risk of side effects.

It is important that the medications and herbal remedies, which told increase effects will not increase necessarily mutually remember, but could actually have the opposite effect, says Professor Odd Georg Nilsen.For example, Irish and the UK, it is illegal to to smoke in each of enclosed public room or workplace, including bars and restaurants, during (in Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Slovenia, France and the Netherlands Note: number of these countries had does not of the the Euro Heart Project provisions to provisions that allow the people smoking enclosed smoking rooms into public places and workplaces.. In Scotland, arrived the number of persons taken to the hospital for heart attack fell by 17 % after Scotland ban smoking in public places into effect March 2006.