Look forward tots. Alpha inhibitor shows early signs of clinical benefitSantaris Pharma announced that the cancer drug EZN-2968 – an inhibitor of HIF-1alpha, which Enzon Pharmaceuticals Enzon Pharmaceuticals and Santaris Pharma A / S – was well tolerated and showed signs of clinical benefit in previously treated cancer patients with advanced malignancies. EZN-2968 in in patients with solid tumors and lymphomas. The study data 2009 American 2009 American Society of Clinical Oncology presented in Florida last week that EZN-2968 is well tolerated, and that early signs of clinical benefit – prolonged stable disease – in in several patients.

The collaboration between Santaris Pharma and Enzon Pharmaceuticals started in 2006 and by 2008 Santaris Pharma had eight LNA based cancer drugs Enzon Pharmaceuticals of which EZN-2968 was the first delivered. The development of the remaining seven compounds running. Moving forward Enzon is committed to the late pre-clinical development of lead candidates. Santaris Pharma holds the European marketing rights to all jointly developed cancer compounds.The Pill – positive was developed to of testosterone during OC are using clearly suppressed as documented in this Phase II trial recover. A condition known as female sexual dysfunction , in oral contraceptive users known, among other possible benefits, improved by addition improved by the addition of an androgen, for example, DHEA or testosterone to OC therapy.. Paradoxically, many women who Use this OC sexual desires, reduce sexual activity arousabilty and due to the impact of estrogen and progestogen into regular OCs.

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