Petitioners want the grand jury to investigate late abortions that Tiller performed during the past five years and that the reasons for abortion (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.. Federal judge ruled that attorneys for abortion provider Tiller not prevent grand jury is of the form, investigate Tiller mayU.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten on Tuesday to prevent against an application for a federal grand jury convened in Sedgwick County, Kansas excluded to investigate abortion provider George Tiller, the Wichita Eagle reports (Lefler, Wichita Eagle, the antiabortion group Kansans for Life delivered last week petition petition, 857 signatures convened the Sedgwick County District Court a grand jury and examine an independent prosecutor Tiller contained.

Kansans for Life leaders said they did not know that Tiller attorneys had tried to convene a the state courts to prevent grand jury. David Gittrich, development director of Kansans for Life, if the motion had been granted, it would be an insult to those who signed the petition and state legislators try to have abortion abortion. He added that the group a grand jury the grand jury indictment against Tiller submit similar to those of the former Attorney General Phill Kline filed..The details contained on this page information does not and being do not meant to convey seek medical advice. CNN is not responsible of all acts or omissions from your site on the information is presented here. Please consult Doctors or medical professional for personal medical advice or treatment.

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