Pre-school children the molecular basis of language development through genetic study providedScientists have the first gene with a with a known common childhood language disorder as specific language impairment were identified. The gene – CNTNAP2 – has recently been involved in autism and could be a crucial genetic link between the two diseases represent.

FOXP2 acts to regulate other genes in the brain, they turn on and off. Fisher and his colleagues began analyzing human nerve cells in the laboratory in order to search for these target genes. They identified CNTNAP2 as an important part of the network.In related news , reports VOA News that ‘[w] ith a promising new anti – malaria vaccine[ RTS, S] into the final stages, frontier where optimistic in the world them at last advances to end the deadly disease. ‘The article contains quotes from multiple experts, including WHO public health officer Vasee Moorthy, who said: ‘A vaccine we were seen as an element coordinated fight malaria Programme, and is country country, like any new A vaccine would fit with all its available malaria control action would the still have an absolutely critical role. ‘..