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Decapepty was originally France France to life. December 2010, Decapepty approvals in over 60 countries, including 21 in Europe.Adults immunized infants and small children have the highest susceptibility to pertussis, most serious morbid phenomena and high risk for mortality , ‘the authors write. ‘Because there is no booster pertussis vaccine at present for adolescents or adults, those people will always vulnerable to disease. ‘:: ‘Vaccination of youths and adults having acellular pertussis vaccines, both the morbidity the disease in these populations and the transmission of his household and other contact, above all babies of reducing. ‘.. In 2004, for the first time the United States there is more cases whooping cough reports to the CDC youth and adult than in children.

continued continue, The third immunity from pertussis in adolescents and adults was demonstrated, indicating higher susceptibility to diseases in this age group. Higher incidence of the disease in older patients to public health are because they, because they pertussis as reservoirs of Bordetella infection used babies who young to is who finishing the basic vaccination immunization. Can cause severe can cause serious and even life-threatening to have at very young infants. By Dr. booster vaccination with tetanus and diphteria toxoid of every 10 years has become one of standard of care in the U.S.