Some 63,000 cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed every year in Europe drugs facts .The symptoms rarely appear until it has reached an advanced stage, by which time it is often too late for effective treatment. Delayed diagnosis causes over 30,000 deaths.

Image and text available online: / en / press / Ovarian_Cancer.Maryland, Newntgomery County, Maryland Council on Tuesday voted 6-2, to a bill that county officials to give their employees requires the ability to purchase lower-cost drugs approved in Canada, Montgomery County, Maryland, New Prescription Drug reimportation measure approved the Washington Post reports. Despite opposition from FDA, which approved before the vote sent Thomas McGinnis, the agency’s director of pharmacy affairs to reaffirm the agency’s position that drugs from foreign sources are neither safe nor legal, the Post McGinnis said that the county could be held held and possibly bankruptcy if someone were harmed by imported drugs. Re-entry re-entry program was approved by Council in September, but it has struggled since then in part because county officials have been reluctant to blatantly snub FDA, the Post reports. Under the new resolution, County Executive Douglas Duncan – who has been accused by some people of the delay of the program – will be needed to participate in the administration. Juncan spokesman David Weaver said county government officials are hoping for an exemption from the federal government get to use the program. He added that even if a waiver is not granted, the management is to to implement the law to implement the law. County Council President Tom Perez said: We will be a leader on the issue of ensuring a safe, affordable prescription drugs on behalf of our citizens. last year last year, said the program would save taxpayers $ 15,000 to $ 20 million, but suggested some recent estimates closer to $ closer to $ 1 million (Craig, Washington Post.

Mine Health Insurance terminal Authority Board rejects proposal of high-deductible Prescription Drug PlanThe MA Health Insurance port Authority Board on Thursday refused a proposal relating to a prescription medicine plan that would contain a $ 15 payment to populate generic drugs, than well $ 1,000 deductible of brand-name drugs with extra copays of $ 50 or $ 75 per refill, which Boston Globe reports. The Board of Management an official an official vote on the high-deductible Soccer but members its disapproval with the finding that actual reductions in monthly premiums was limits and that the plan would rely people with insufficient covering, to Globe reports. Board members questioned people others reduce the costs of reduce the cost of drug coverage, to find in accordance with the Globe.