About VRX496VRX496 is an investigational RNA therapy for the treatment of HIV / AIDS. Current therapies for HIV-infected patients require daily medication and have well documented side effects. It is expected that VRX496 a minimal number of a minimum number of infusions. To date VRX496 has 65 patients who were infused provide a cumulative safety period of 211 year of therapy. VRX496 also differs from earlier gene therapy because lentiviral lentiviral HIV – HIV – 1 itself. Unlike other viral vectors, lentiviral vectors appear supplied by the expression of the genes of interest for a longer period to maintain and do not appear to cause an inflammatory immune response.

Obviously, the HIV vaccine field has been hit with a string of disappointing trial results in recent years, said Dr. Joep Lange of the Amsterdam of the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development, Professor of Medicine at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, President Emeritus of the International AIDS Society and member of the medical Advisory Board for VIRxSYS HIV. results of this study are very impressive and I believe Try real excitement in the world of HIV vaccines to offer. .With permission of you the total daily Women’s Health Policy display Report search the archives or sign up for mail Shipping this emphatically. The daily Women’s Health Policy Report a free service provided of the National Partnership for Men & Families on the Advisory Board Company being published.

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