###Contribution to the study were Drs Faisal Tobaigy, Ramon Ghanem , and Rony Sayegh and Joelle Hallek, all from Harvard Medical School. By the New England by the New England Corneal Transplant Research Fund, Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Award, Boston.

We found, though there are some differences in favor of the visual and refractive results, the LASEK procedure, the differences were not clinically significant, said Azar. these results are consistent with previous smaller studies that we reviewed comparing the process. .‘.. Schering-Plough Corporation has an arrangement with the U.S. Attorney in the District of Bay and to U.S. Department of Justice to to be paid hitherto known investigations involving the company sales, marketing and clinical practices and programs. Today’s agreement resolves these investigation , which began before the arrival new management team. ‘With this agreement, we put problems of the past after us. Time represents a further step as we are to transform Schering-Plough in a high-performance competitor to long term.