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Star-P is an interactive parallel computing platform, the NCI scientists continue to work with CORR4DB on their desktop, but run the correlations interactively on SGI Altix server allows. As a result , the answers to some researchers, the questions come up to 200 times faster than ever before.Racial differences in CV findings are well established , but show new evidence of the University of Pittsburgh researchers believe that African-Americans any better short term to coronary intervention. Results of the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association meetings Dallas. Researchers compared the CHECK RATES out of myocardial infarction , coronary artery bypass graft, death and revascularization of from patients with one-month, half-year and-year intervals.

Paradox, While more spam in characteristics like diabetes and high blood pressure, acute myocardial infarction and less stent implantation, black people were found to be a 70 % lower risk die, while in hospital and have an superior – and six-month results of of their coronary interventional. But the researchers found that one year, the African-American patients showed not better results pointed to the need to to aggressive compliance with to venture reduce recommendations.