The scoring system is obvious and the export options ideal.’.. Clinicians launches ACEmobile app to aid assessment of dementia A united group of clinicians from Plymouth, UK, and Sydney, Australia, have today launched ACEmobile – a free-to-use app to aid the assessment of dementia, worldwide. ACEmobile is the to begin its kind; an iPad-based device that supports the assessment of dementia. The tool provides support through the entire process, meaning more people of the clinical team can feel confident undertaking this kind of assessment. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, ACEmobile also collects secure and anonymised data to permit the team to improve our understanding of dementia and capability to detect it earlier.If possible, avoid buying a used car seat. A.Child car seats are expensive, but they can save your valuable child's existence. A previously owned carseat should be utilized only if you are particular it hasn’t been in a major accident and has all parts including guidelines. B.Seats that are 6 or more years old should not be used. Set a good example. A.Wear your chair belt Always. Studies show that 40 % of drivers without chair belts had unrestrained kids passengers as well. B.Never drink and drive. More than two-thirds of fatally harmed children were killed while riding with a drunk driver. ‘Child car seats and chair belts really could imply the difference between life and death for kids and parents,’ stated Boyd. ‘A lot of us remember running to the car yelling, 'first' to nab the front seat, but it's safest to not even let the front seat be a choice for kids, even if they are older.