1 Responses to Aliskiren / HCTA to amlodipine on peripheral and central blood pressure in African Americans with stage 2 hypertension 14-16 Ferdinand K., Weitzman, Purkayastha, Townsend ACC.10 Presented in March http://slimex.biz/nutrition/ .

Research such as the Strong Heart Study has shown elevated central pressure is more on cardiovascular events than other risk factors, including brachial pressure connection, said Keith Ferdinand, MD, the lead author of the study. Our results suggest an important new option for assessing the benefits of blood pressure medications in African American patients. – This study of the accumulating evidence, adds that you need to measure central pressure to ensure a complete understanding of drug response, said Duncan Ross, ATCOR Medical President and CEO. It also points to one unmet need in the care of African American patients. Previous studies at Emory University and the University of Illinois with SphymoCor have shown that African-Americans may have normal brachial blood pressure, but significantly elevated central blood pressure. Central blood pressure assessment completed is essential in the diagnosis and management of drug therapy, Ross.

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MRI been well as used to measure ejection fraction the validity of the the effectiveness of stem cell of therapeutic approach for improving cardial contractile function. Of these MRI technique relies upon an innovative way by co-author Jim Bankson, an Assistant Professor of MD Anderson Department of Imaging Physics, developed to game that MRI images which moving causes by a beating heart, radioactively marked an Associate Professor Luc Bidaut, had been optimized for method overlap the overlay the of PET / CT and NMR images.

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The AVMA Management Board authorized the model of calculation and rules to its sitting in April at AVMA based in Schaumburg, Illinois.