As many as January 4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone could become infected, the U.S. Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control provides warned, if more isn’t done to avoid the pass on of the disease. As a ongoing business with concerns for medical and well-being of individuals around the world, we’re proud to be able to support international relief initiatives in this real way, stated Mike Duffy, president, Medical Products in Cardinal Health, and all of us’re glad to have a long-standing up affiliation with organizations like AmeriCares that can quickly deploy items to the areas they’re needed most. AmeriCares has been aiding survivors of organic disasters, disease outbreaks, political conflict and extreme poverty around the global world for more than 30 years, saving lives and restoring hope and health.College athletes smoke cigarettes marijuana for different reasons College athletes tend to be less likely than their nonathlete peers to smoke cigarettes marijuana. However when they do, they could have some different reasons for it, in the July problem of the Journal of Research on Alcohol and Drugs according to a study. Past studies show that athletes generally smoke cigarettes marijuana less frequently than other university students do. But there is still a pretty lot who choose to use it, said Jennifer F. Buckman, Ph.D., of the Center of Alcohol Research at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ. Because marijuana could possess ill health effects-and probably hurt athletic performance-that begs the query of why college sportsmen would use it, according to Buckman.