Are healthy options avaiable when eating out? With obesity, diabetes and other diet-related maladies increasing in the United States, are healthy options avaiable when eating out? In an interview research of best executives at major U.S. Cafe chains, researchers discovered that the message is definitely mixed . Growing sales and increasing revenue led the list of factors that travel menu selection, although many respondents expressed interest in providing low-unwanted fat also, low calorie foods and fresh fruits and vegetables on the menus.

Are smoothies really so healthy? Here’s how to make sure yours are Smoothies are well-known these days. We drink them instead of unhealthy drinks or as a meal replacement. But are they really healthy? They can be. The question is: What’s in your smoothie? At some smoothie stands, smoothies are created with 3 basic substances: frozen fruit, fruit juice, and sugar. Invest the out the sugar, your smoothie will contain whole fruit, a whole food that’s nutritious when clean, and a little less so when frozen and pre chopped. You can also find smoothies made out of cow’s milk or yogurt, soy milk, ice cream, chocolate sauce, coffee, whipped cream, peanut butter, and more. There are four simple types of smoothies: 1. Junk Food Smoothies: Yeah, you know what they are. You know that very berry blast, does not a superfood smoothie make.