The new prosthetic could be capable of reproducing normal eyesight more effectively than existing technologies . Harnessing the brain’s ability to procedure, decode, and utilize information has untold therapeutic opportunities, said press meeting moderator Miguel A. Nicolelis, MD, PhD, of Duke University and a specialist in neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces. Today’s research advances clearly demonstrate neuroscience’s capability to expand our understanding of how the brain works, and translate that knowledge into better treatments, therapies, and technologies. .. Artificial retinas, thought-controlled devices and brain stimulation therapy show promise Two experimental brain-machine technology – deep brain stimulation coupled with physical therapy and a thought-controlled computer system-may offer brand-new therapies for those who have stroke and brain accidents, new human research shows.Not only this, excess skin formation can also be removed from the higher and lower eyelids to give a stunning look to the face. By doing this surgery, you can look ten years younger than before. If you don’t want to appear aged highly, then it’s time you start looking for a reputed eyelid surgeon. Some individuals believe eyelid surgeries are unpleasant extremely, but in actuality it is not so. After the surgery has ended, you need to take proper rest rather than strain your eyes a complete lot.