Neither of these parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Chemotherapy is appropriate adjunct to surgery for oral melanoma in dogs By Sarah Man, MedWire Reporter The addition of chemotherapeutic treatment with carboplatin for dogs with oral malignant melanomas that have undergone surgical excision may be a reasonable option to adjunctive radiotherapy, survey researchers. Overall however, the median survival price of their 17-dog cohort was just over 1 year, suggesting that dogs identified as having oral malignant melanoma have a poor long-term prognosis, despite treatment with adjuvant chemotherapy for presumed microscopic disease, state Gillian Dank and co-workers.Based on the Rodale Institute, the USDA’s guidelines for natural foods are ambiguous at best, and the term can be used by meals companies at their very own discretion voluntarily, with no anchoring to any group of standardized guidelines. And while the USDA website claims that natural claims should be along with a brief declaration which explains what is meant by the word natural, this requirement is enforced. At the same time, 43 % of survey respondents indicated their belief that the term natural is highly regulated by the USDA, while 33 % stated they believe natural items are grown without synthetic chemicals.