Finally, and significantly, life style factors and diseases like high blood circulation pressure and diabetes create much higher risk for Alzheimer’s – – they are believed as much of a risk as genetic predisposition by some researchers. Traditional advices offers been that seniors should stay active, both and in complex thinking tasks physically, to delay dementia, but those recommendations are expanding. ‘Chronic high blood pressure is usually a big risk factor, diabetes can be a big risk aspect.Improved sanitation in institutions, better access to clean water and knowledge about preventing waterborne disease helps ensure the health and advancement of the world’s kids, Bouchie said. Celebrate Globe Toilet Time and help flush out poverty.. Asthma strike in a spa pool: what may be the cause? A 65-year-old female experiences an asthma attack after turning in the bubbles in a spa pool. CASE SCENARIO June, a 65-year-old female, was in good health and wellness. She had been acquiring an ACE inhibitor for days gone by a decade for hypertension, which have been well managed.