Soft drink consumption increases obesity risk in children According to information from the Harvard School of Public Health, between 1989 and 2008, children aged six to 11 increased their daily consumption of calories from sugar sweetened beverages by 60 % while the %age of children consuming them improved from 79 % to 91 %. Is usually this trend in soda consumption linked to childhood obesity? A 2001 content in the journal Lancet reported on a report of 548 school aged kids in Massachusetts.The rhesus research is part of an ongoing program to analyze primate genomes. Other primate genomes underway include the marmoset, gibbon and gorilla. Experts at the Baylor Middle and the Washington University Genome Middle completed the raw sequence for the orangutan and marmoset genomes early this season, and Washington University has deposited the assemblies at Researchers intend to analyze the orangutan and marmoset genomes and compare them with the various other primates over the summer.