BYU researchers shed new light on why people have a tendency to snack at night After gobbling the fourth Oreo in a row while bathed in refrigerator light, perhaps you have ever thought, ‘That wasn't enough,’ and proceeded to find something more? Researchers at BYU possess shed fresh light on why you, friends and family, neighbors & most everyone you understand tend to snack during the night: some regions of the mind don't obtain the same ‘meals high’ at night. In a published study newly, workout sciences professors and a neuroscientist at BYU utilized MRI to measure how people's brains react to great – and low-calorie food pictures at differing times of the time click here .

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BUSPH: Electronic smokes are promising device to greatly help smokers quit A report led by Boston University College of Public Wellness researchers reviews that electronic cigarettes certainly are a promising tool to greatly help smokers quit, producing six-month abstinence prices nearly double those for traditional nicotine replacement items. In a scholarly research published online before printing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers discovered that 31 % of respondents reported having stop smoking six months after 1st purchasing an electric cigarette, a battery-powered gadget providing tobacco-less dosages of nicotine in a vaporized option.