DES taken during being pregnant is associated with DES daughters creating a rare vaginal cancers within their teens and 20s. Because the early 70s, a large number of lawsuits have already been filed concerning links between DES and cancers, along with infertility problems. A lot of those full instances were settled away of court. The Boston case may be the initial one to concentrate on the hyperlink between DES and breasts cancers in DES daughters older than 40. Attorneys for the ladies suing the pharmaceutical companies are citing a report published in the brand new England Journal of Medication in October 2011 which says DES daughters over age group 40 have dual the normal the chance of developing breast tumor.If that’s what the patient’s mindset can be he’s likely likely to come back and state, I wasn’t getting enough comfort and I doubled the prescription, she said. Dr. Stephen Loyd informed CBS News that even while a physician, he fell victim to the cycle. Loyd was in the last season of his residency when he started taking prescription painkillers that were leftover from a dental care procedure. Loyd has since recovered and shares his story with others now. He got treatment, resumed his medical career and offers been clean for 10 years. The federal government has also unveiled new attempts to curb prescription substance abuse. The agency in Oct. Suggested reclassifying Vicodin as a harder drug, calling for this to be placed in the same category as Oxycontin. By changing the classification, Vicodin would be limited by prescriptions in 90 day amounts before a vacation to the doctor..