Breast screening means thousands get unnecessary and invasive treatment A team of experts from Malmo University Hospital in Sweden say the info sent to women about breasts screening must be more balanced to ensure women are adequately informed about the huge benefits and harm. The experts acknowledge that it is widely agreed that breasts screening can reduce deaths but say more discussion is necessary on the adverse side-effects of over-medical diagnosis. They suggest that thousands of females could possibly be getting complex and invasive treatment for breasts cancer that they do not need because of ‘over-medical diagnosis’ during screening . The scientists believe as much at 10 per cent of positive breast cancer screening results could possibly be cases where in fact the cancer would hardly ever attended to the interest of doctors throughout a woman’s life time if it weren’t for screening.

Breast implants safe however, not problem-free: FDA Protection concerns drove silicone-gel breast implants from the U.S. Market for 14 years. Then, in 2006, the FDA again made them available. Now, in its first major overview of follow-up research, it declares that these implants are effective and safe when they are used as meant. ‘Preliminary data will not suggest that silicone-gel filled breasts implants cause breast cancers, reproductive problems, or connective tissue disease such as for example rheumatoid lupus or arthritis,’ says Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, mind of the FDA’s Middle for Gadgets and Radiological Health.