Brain inflammation associated with clinical depression A new research by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health discovered that the way of measuring brain inflammation in individuals who were experiencing clinical depression was increased by 30 percent. The findings, today in JAMA Psychiatry published, have essential implications for developing fresh treatments for unhappiness read . ‘This finding supplies the most compelling proof to date of mind inflammation throughout a major depressive event,’ says senior writer Dr. Jeffrey Meyer of CAMH's Campbell Family Mental Health Study Institute. ‘Previous research have viewed markers of irritation in bloodstream, but this is actually the first definitive proof found in the mind.’ Specifically, Dr.

Brain signals could become remote controls In their initial human research of the feasibility of using brain signals to use external devices, experts at Duke University INFIRMARY survey that arrays of electrodes can offer useable signals for controlling such devices. The study team is now attempting to develop prototype products that may enable paralyzed visitors to operate neuroprosthetic and additional external devices only using their brain signals. As the new studies offer an initial proof principle that human program of brain-machine interfaces can be done, the experts emphasize that lots of years of advancement and scientific testing will be needed before such neuroprosthetic gadgets can be found.