CALP, HistoRx collaborate to co-develop new era of tissue-based imaging solutions Caliper Lifestyle Sciences, Inc allergy . and HistoRx, Inc., announced a collaboration to co-develop a new generation of tissue-structured imaging and evaluation solutions today, based on immuno-fluorescence, which will deliver accurate, quantitative, and reproducible measurements of proteins in cells samples. Caliper is consequently a natural partner for HistoRx in getting reproducible and really quantitative immunohistochemistry to the anatomic pathology laboratory. Beneath the agreement, Caliper could have exclusive world-wide distribution privileges for the integrated product in the life sciences research marketplace as the companies continue steadily to explore extra collaborative opportunities in medical research and diagnostics. Caliper expects to release the AQUA allowed Vectra system in August of 2011.

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CA radio station censored vaccine information before mandatory vaccination vote A radio system featuring a well-known radio host, documentarian and alternative health expert was censored by its network after featuring an interview that presented information and arguments against vaccinations. As reported by The Daily Sheeple, the expert, Gary Null, who gets the longest-running health chat present airing on the Progressive Radio Network, was asked to seem lately as a guest on Bonnie Faulkner’s program, Butter and Guns, which investigates the interactions among capitalism, politics and militarism, based on the show’s site. Her system airs on Pacifica KPFA open public radio stations. In the spirit of legitimate debate, Faulkner asked Null to provide the other aspect of the vaccine debate – not really the case closed edition, but rather the what you are not being informed about vaccines side. Null was asked to discuss SB277 specifically, the California legislation that would mandate vaccines for practically all school-aged children in the state, except for homeschooled children, who represent a little minority. As observed by The Daily Sheeple: When it came time to air, however, they were informed they weren’t allowed – or rather, these were censored and the show was cut &#8211 outright; the very first time for Guns and Butter in over 11 years. No true courage to tell the truthHowever, Faulkner refused to take that censorship lying down. She decided to execute a invert interview by appearing on Null’s program merely to get the info out. KPFA’s mission declaration is quite interesting: Over the years we’ve advanced the discussions and told the reality about historical occasions of political impasse, racial tensions and financial inequality. So much for the courage to inform the truth. To make matters worse, KPFA system director Laura Prives publicly declared known reasons for pulling this program showed more ignorance – – if not outright intolerance – – for a politically incorrect placement on vaccines: KPFA has a serious responsibility to supply its listeners with accurate, science-based information on general public health, most especially on issues that might lead to injury to people potentially. Whether or not to invite Gary Null on the KPFA airwaves is not an issue of censorship. It is, nevertheless, about protecting the public airwaves from mis-info and from people who stand to gain providing dubious remedies to sick and vulnerable listeners. KPFA has covered and can continue to cover the many issues around vaccines and immunization using the best methods of independent and verifiable journalism. Come debate meFor his part, Null, in a lengthy rebuttal, observed that Prives’ position is dramatically at odds with that of the station’s founder. Lewis Hill [founder] would have been appalled at the blatant censorship imposed upon Bonnie Faulkner and myself, specifically in light of the California senate’s recent passing of a bill that destroys Californians’ freedom of health selections for their children, Null said, stating that his appearance on Faulkner’s program could have arrive before senators in Sacramento regarded as SB277. Had I been allowed the chance to provide the independent technology opposing Big Pharma’s spurious promises for vaccine efficacy and basic safety, there might have been more than enough support from KPFA listeners to possess delayed or thwarted the bill’s sponsors from passing it. Null also talked about his credentials; over the past four decades, he noted that he previously published some 600 content on science, medication and the surroundings. He has penned more than 300 investigative reports, dozens of which became cover tales for national magazines. I’ve won numerous awards for investigative reporting, radio and journalism broadcasting on these matters, he added. Null also released this challenge: Because you have already had the opportunity to express your contempt for me personally through your libelous open public statements, I today invite you to substantiate those statements – – to transform them from mere unfounded assertions into solid verified truth – – by arriving on my system to debate me. Thus far, Prives is a no-show.