.. BUSM investigators receive MRA’s Jackie King Small Investigator Awards Boston University College of Medicine experts Neil Joseph Ganem, Anurag and PhD Singh, PhD, each have obtained the Jackie King Adolescent Investigator Awards from the Melanoma Study Alliance , the biggest personal funder of melanoma analysis. Both serve as assistant professors of pharmacology & experimental medicine and therapeutics. Ganem's research targets uncovering the cellular defects that generate chromosome instability in individual malignancy cells.Continuing the country’s long-standing commitment to supply educational benefits to veterans, service members and certain family of veterans, the section will continue steadily to give veterans and service members educational assistance up to $1,004 monthly – – an archive amount – – for full-period education or trained in an approved institution. VA’s support to service people and veterans purchasing or enhancing homes through the house loan guaranty program will remain at record levels. VA is currently guarantying home loans without deposit of nearly $360,000 for eligible veterans, up from the $240,000 maximum this past year. Vocational rehabilitation and work benefits for service-disabled veterans increase by $64 million in FY ’06, which is 11 % a lot more than FY ’05.