Mary’s , and Saint Agnes Medical center . We believe the Excellence in Obstetrics demonstration task will help save the lives of mothers and their infants by improving safety in the birthing procedure, says Ann Hendrich, RN, PhD , F.A.A.N., vice president of clinical excellence operations for Ascension Health. Throughout its 11-12 months history, Ascension Health has committed itself to producing organizational and cultural changes to be able to reduce preventable individual accidents and deaths. The Excellence in Obstetrics task is intended to improve the organization’s knowledge of the partnership between quality and risk management objectives. The AHRQ system seeks to foster better doctor-patient communication, ensure patients are fairly and compensated in a fair and timely manner for medical accidents quickly, reducing the incidence of lawsuits and liability premiums thus.A far more serious form of the disease, inhalation anthrax, is certainly contracted by breathing in spores. After the 2001 attacks, health officials figured some individuals can contract the disease through exposure to a small amount of the microbes.. Case scenario Sam is a 59-year-old abattoir worker who offered low back discomfort that is increasing in the last couple of years. He previously decided to apply for the disability pension. There had been no acute back injury. Sam seemed to have a great range of lower spinal motion and he was not overweight, but he previously been treated for hypertension and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus .