Can-Fite’s CF102 decreases HCV viral load in liver cancer patients Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd , a biotechnology organization traded in the Tel Aviv STOCK MARKET reported today that a significant reduction in HCV viral load was detected in 3 patients with liver cancer who are treated daily orally with CF102. The business is studying CF102 as cure for liver tumor . The results announced today relate to data which came out of a Phase 1/2 medical trial of CF102 in the treating individuals with advanced HCC pharmacy journal . This protocol is enrolling individuals with advanced or treatment-refractory hepatocellular carcinoma , or liver cancer. Because probably the most important risk factors for HCC is persistent viral hepatitis, patients in this trial are examined at entry for infections with hepatitis C virus .

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May sex shorten life span in females? Stanford and Cornell scientists report Health experts possess often discussed sex and its own effects on individual health. In their try to understand the consequences of mating on health insurance and lifespan in females, a study was completed within an animal model. An over-all practice in science is to use animal models as research organisms and rats, monkeys and additional mammals tend to be used as topics of laboratory experiments. In an article released in the top-tier journal Technology, it was concluded that men of C. Elegans, a soil roundworm, shortened the lifespan of the contrary sex significantly, both by mating and through secretion of fluids.