This is a mentioned milestone in the business’s quest to achieve its European commercialization of the EOS device.’.. ArtVentive Medical conducts First Human Clinical Study with EOS Peripheral vascular occlusion device ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc. announced today that the business has executed its First Human being Clinical Study using its EOS Peripheral vascular occlusion device. The scholarly study involved six male sufferers who had conditions related to venous peripheral disease, known as varicocele. The individuals were infertile and suffered pain in the reduced pelvic area requiring venous occlusion of their spermatic or gonadal veins.This is one way SANITIZED can contribute in developing projects with OEMs mutually. In addition, SANITIZED has strong encounter in regulatory affairs and may advise its clients if particular knowledge is requested. New item for foam and covering PUR industry For this, SANTIZED AG is investing further resources in development. There exists a constant need for innovative products due to the introduction of new technologies in some applications fields. This new item exhibits excellent antibacterial, combined with a higher antifungal activity. Even more interesting, it has an anti dirt mite activity and is wash resistant extremely. ‘We bring new versatile multi-functional results to the applications of our clients through research’, says Bruno Piastra, Item Manager Polymer Additives.