Awarepoint ends 2010 with 91 hospital sites agreement containing RTLS network coverage Awarepoint Corporation, a held San Diego-based corporation privately, today announced it ended 2010 with 91 medical center sites contracted comprising 45,062,013 million square feet of real-period location program network insurance coverage in U.S. Hospitals and 135,265 health care assets under administration reviews . Today, Awarepoint represents the biggest enterprise-wide U.S. Medical center clientele for RTLS in health care marketplace segment.These results represent a 30 percent upsurge in contracted hospitals, 50 percent upsurge in square feet of RTLS network coverage, and a 58 percent upsurge in healthcare asset tags in administration by Awarepoint from 2009 year-end figures.

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Furthermore, the trial utilized Avila’s exclusive covalent probe technology to measure the quantitative romantic relationship among dosage level, systemic publicity, and occupancy of the mark by AVL – 292. This mix of analyses provides a effective and rigorous knowledge of AVL-292 actions at the molecular level and acts as a rational instruction to future clinical advancement. Clinical advancement of AVL-292 provides been supported, partly, via an alliance with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Culture . Over 50 healthful volunteers participated in both of these trials, and predicated on these encouraging and early outcomes, we have been advancing the clinical advancement of AVL-292 actively, for the treating B cell cancers in the beginning, with a Phase 1b study likely to initiate in mid-2011, said Katrine Bosley, CEO of Avila.