Platelets help blood to clot, therefore knowing the platelet quantity in a patient with bleeding is useful. Electrolyte abnormalities may appear with diarrhea. Low sodium and potassium levels may be seen and may cause symptoms far taken off the original colitis complaints. Kidney function could be assessed by measuring the BUN and creatinine levels. Stool samples may be collected for culture, looking for disease as the cause of colitis. The history will help the ongoing health care practitioner determine the tests to order and what cultures will be appropriate. If a specific cause of colitis isn’t apparent readily, then colonoscopy may be considered.SOURCE Axis Surgical Technology, Inc. Here are some issues to consider in managing diabetic patients with neuropathy and clawed toes. Case history Carol is 68 years old and has had type 2 diabetes for 16 years with moderate diabetes control . She has always beeen embarrassed by her toned feet and during the last few years is rolling out clawed toes , which she finds a problem as shoes often rub her toes now. She’s angina but attempts to walk every day on a flat path and at a gentle speed. She is worried about foot illness and knows that poor shoe fit can cause blisters or abrasions that could become infected.