China’s revised Foreign Investment Catalogue 2011 moves healthcare service sectors to ‘permitted’ category Concord Medical Solutions Holdings Limited , operator of the biggest network of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centers in China, remarks on the newly issued Foreign Purchase Catalogue 2011 revision which moved healthcare provider sectors to ‘permitted’ from ‘restricted’ category zithromax capsules . On 24 December, 2011, China’s National Advancement and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce jointly released the Revised Catalogue which will take influence on January 30, 2012. The ‘Foreign Expenditure Catalogue 2007 revision’ current in effect will be superseded concurrently.

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Chlamydia screening in high street pharmacies across the Britain is currently underway The first step in a drive to make chlamydia screening obtainable in high street pharmacies in the united states is now underway, Today Public Health Minister Melanie Johnson announced. Independent health care suppliers are being asked to send bids to pilot this brand-new scheme in community pharmacies throughout London and Cornwall – rendering it easier for young men and women to make use of chlamydia screening services. Effective applicants will provide free of charge chlamydia screening for 16-24 year olds – like the partners of these who test positive – and could also be able to offer patients the decision of getting treatment at their local pharmacy.