Amherst neurobiologists awarded grant to study how neurons regulate locomotion Neurobiologist Gerald Downes, with chemist James Chambers in the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Amherst College neurobiologist Josef Trapani, have been awarded a three-year $824,025 collaborative study grant from the National Science Foundation to study the zebrafish human brain to better understand how neurons regulate locomotion. Downes, the business lead investigator, says his supreme research objective is to better understand how different chemical signals, called neurotransmitters, work together at cellular and molecular levels to coordinate normal locomotion such as for example walking and swimming reviews.html .

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Similar research using N-acetyl cysteine show its capability to curb medication addictions in pets, and a current University of Minnesota study conducted by Grant is investigating whether the drug could help methamphetamine users quit. This pilot study is the first to examine the efficacy of a glutamate-modulating agent in the treating pathological gamblers, making the findings fairly significant, Grant said. Because subjects knew they were taking a supplement during the first phase of the study and since there was a relatively small number of topics in the double-blind portion, a larger study is warranted to confirm the validity of these findings. University of Minnesota researchers are seeking a federal grant to fund it currently.. Amino acid, N-acetyl cysteine may curb addiction of pathological gamblers University of Minnesota researchers have discovered that a common amino acid, available while a health food health supplement, can help curb pathological gamblers’ addiction.