The results were adjusted to take into account differences in sociodemographic elements. A suite of health problemsThe researchers found that obese children were a lot more likely than regular weight children to have problems with poorer health, more disability, ADHD, allergy symptoms, asthma; bone, joint and muscle mass problems, conduct disorders, melancholy, developmental delays, ear infections, emotional and behavioral problems, head aches, learning disabilities, and skipped school days, grade repetition and other college problems. This research paints a comprehensive picture of childhood obesity, Halfon said, and we were amazed to see how many conditions were associated with childhood obesity.Skin assessments are quick and generally involve placing a purified form of an allergen either on the skin or underneath it to elicit an allergic reaction. If your son is diagnosed with an indoor allergy, you will have to work on reducing his contact with allergens. Here are some tips: Vacuum regularly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter or a double-layer bag. To dry out the new air, use a dehumidifier or air conditioner, and consider using a HEPA air purifier. For dust mite allergies, remove carpets or rugs from your son’s room , and don’t hang heavy drapes or keep additional items inside your home, like stuffed pets, that collect dust. Special covers can be put on pillows and mattresses to seal out dust. Wash bedding every week in warm water and dried out in a sizzling dryer.