The toxin causes a person`s intestines to produce massive levels of fluid that after that produces thin, grayish dark brown diarrhea. Signs and Symptoms Depending on how many organisms a person drinks or eats, the illness could begin within 12-72 hours. The symptoms start suddenly with intestinal cramps and painless diarrhea. Vomiting, sense ill, and headache often accompany the diarrhea, early in the illness especially. Fever is uncommon. If untreated, the condition generally lasts someone to seven days. During the illness, the body loses great amounts of fluid, so it is essential during recovery to displace fluids and stability electrolytes .Breastfeeding is definitely part of laying the foundations for a wholesome lifestyle from infancy and childhood and an extremely important tool to boost the health outcomes for New Zealanders. Dr Debbie Ryan, Chief Advisor of Pacific Health says the Ministry of Wellness has a lot of strategies, initiatives and programmes underway to support breastfeeding, including implementing the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and is certainly today releasing a fresh document about the International Code.