The committee released a bicameral statement last month accusing the administration of ignoring issues that this program was unsustainable so that it might use its projected savings to inflate medical law’s deficit decrease . The Associated Press: Wellness Overhaul Legislation Suffers First Major Casualty The Obama administration’s signature wellness overhaul legislation, under relentless assault by Republicans, has suffered its first main casualty -; a long-term caution insurance coverage. The program, likely to launch in 2012, had been dogged right from the start by doubts over its financial solvency.Nevertheless the authors call that comparison in survival rates between unscreened and screened women hopelessly biased. They describe that overdiagnosing cancers that are as well slow-growing to ever result in a nagging issue may skew survival figures, because the women could have survived after 5 years irrespective of a mammogram anyway. With regards to actual advantage, the authors state mammograms can decrease the chances a female in her 50s dies of breast tumor over the next a decade from 0.53 % to 0.46 %, a notable difference of 0.07 %age factors – not the 75 %age point-difference the ad touts. If there have been an Oscar for misleading figures, using survival figures to judge the advantage of screening would earn an eternity achievement award without doubt, they write.