3. Presently, the most common therapies used to treat most HCC individuals are local and surgery chemotherapy, with a 2-season recurrence rate of 51 percent.. Cellular Biomedicine Group completes TC-DC Phase I medical trial for hepatocellular carcinoma Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc. Related StoriesAACR rapid and dramatic responses in TRK fusion patientsFDA, EMA accept submitting applications for Boehringer Ingelheim's afatinib to take care of individuals with advanced SCC of the lungDiabetic retinopathy therapy innovations: an interview with Richard Kirk, CEO of Polyphotonix The Phase I clinical trial for TC-DC therapy for HCC can be an open-label scientific trial executed with Shanghai's PLA 85 Hospital, one of China's largest Liver Disease Centers.The FDA said previously this full 12 months that acrylamide can cause cancer in laboratory pets at high doses, although it isn’t obvious whether it causes cancers in humans at the lower levels found in food. Apparently acrylamide can be trusted for industrial purposes, including sewage treatment. Two months ago a California customer group pressed the attorney general’s workplace to take this step. At that time, Frito-Lay released a declaration saying its food safety standards are very stringent and meet up with all federal and state regulations. Kay Puryear of Procter & Gamble, says their company researchers have been investigating problems raised by the 2002 acrylamide research. She insists that acrylamide occurs whether foods are ready in a restaurant, in the home or by the packaged products sector and believes their items are as safe as ever.