This is a dramatic improvement over where we were before because the population is growing and it continues to age, and we would expect more folks to die from malignancy than fewer, Dr. Harmon Eyre of the American Cancer tumor Society told CBS Information.4 million new cases and 559,650 deaths. The incidence estimate is based on nine prior years of data. The death projection, predicated on about 35 years of data, suggests annual cancer deaths will rise once again.It was launched in america in 2007 and previous this month AstraZeneca announced the acceptance of SEROQUEL XR in america for the severe treatment of the depressive episodes connected with bipolar disorder, the manic and blended episodes connected with bipolar I disorder, and the maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder as adjunctive therapy to divalproex or lithium. Launched in 1997, it’s estimated that SEROQUEL provides been prescribed to a lot more than 22 million patients world-wide. It is authorized in 92 countries for the treating schizophrenia, in 88 countries for the treating bipolar mania, and in 29 countries like the US for the treating bipolar major depression.