The only available medications temporarily simplicity symptoms but don’t slow the disease. How quickly a loved one will deteriorate is usually a big issue for families struggling to plan for treatment – and Goate’s work is a first step at identifying genetic markers to help predict how long someone may function independently and when they might require a nursing home. Don’t search for a genetic check for tau anytime soon. This is first-step research that needs to be validated by other laboratories, and Goate says it’s most likely just one genetic marker among many to become discovered.This modified agreement also extends the merchandise delivery schedule to better align it with licensure actions. Cangene was on focus on to provide 200,000 dosages by May 2011 as specified beneath the original terms of the contract. This modified agreement extends the product delivery timetable out to May 2013, with deliveries spread evenly over the next three contract years. Cangene has delivered approximately half of the contracted dosages to date. ‘This extension alters the timing of deliveries and will have the effect of spreading the related revenues over another three years, while continuing to aid licensure activities also.