Bristol-Myers Squibb enters strategic partnership with WuXi Pharmatech Bristol-Myers Squibb Business and WuXi PharmaTech today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership to conduct stability research of small-molecule new chemical entities to aid global marketing applications. WuXi will employ a dedicated staff for balance testing also, sample management, analytical testing, pharmaceutical research, quality assurance, metrology, and other services, including balance data reporting in support of all global dossier submissions by Bristol-Myers Squibb.Erection dysfunction aka ED can be an inability in males who are unable to achieve and maintain an erection in males. Let’s see how chlamydia is linked to erectile dysfunction. Basically it really is a infection that affects the prostate sex and glands glands. A prostate might swell and a swollen prostate can choke off blood flow to the penile part and that could cause inability attaining an erection. To obtain an erection male organ requires filling with blood and once the male organ fill with bloodstream erection occurs. In this condition because of clogged arteries way to obtain blood isn’t enough to the male organ and a guy experience difficulty during getting and keeping an erection.